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It is widely agreed that there is no place like a multi-faceted school to obtain quality education. At Livingstone Foundation we combine homely warmth with discipline which brings about a ‘student-teacher’ relationship grounded on mutual respect and enhances the character development of the child. The focus is on individual capacities to improve one’s fundamental skills through individualized instructions. This system of education helps to develop a sense of self-achievement.
"I have a dream…. a dream in which every child wakes up with a smile on his/her face knowing that he/she is going to school". Learning is a process from the cradle to the grave, so we are committed in creating an all-round educational environment to facilitate creativity, social, emotional and academic
development of the individual child. It is our vision to ensure that our students will acquire skills, aptitudes and attitudes essential to be caring, independent, productive and responsible citizens ready to encounter the challenges in a rapidly changing world. We have incorporated ‘MY-PEDIA’ curriculum in our school, which helps our students to be academic achievers, effective communicators, involved citizens and self-directed learners.

Our staff takes pride in taking up the challenges to care for every child. This attention to the individual growth is the hallmark of the Stonites’ unique education system. When you put us all together and take away the labels, we are just one giant beautiful mass of humanity with far more in common than different. This is why our dominant values guide every decision we make and everything we do is in simple ‘Unity’.

We never stop learning in Livingstone and this is one of the perks of having an incredible diverse
but a closely knitted family. LFHSS nurtures and binds our families by the tenacious threads of
values and ethos. Our staff dedicatedly follows the motto of "Learn to Serve" in our quest for
excellence. It is because of their selfless and relentless efforts that our school has achieved
numerous awards. Our excellent Grade-X and XII Board results so far have complemented our
Education is not merely learning by rote memory. Our approach is not confined within the walls of text books and class rooms. This prepares the students for a lifelong success. At the core of the educational philosophy, modern education and cultural heritage are complimentary to help children in becoming better citizens. We inculcate a respect for culture, religion and traditions in every child. This edifice and temple of  learning will be a source of never ending inspiration for our young minds. Our school prides itself on being a strong family. The students are encouraged to be young men
and women of faith, character and action.

It is vital that they are engaged in activities highlighting the diverse cultures of our nation yet strongly binding together in good faith and spirit. Keeping this purpose in mind the LFHSS Campus Ministry Team serves the School Hostel through Sunday Chapel Services where students participate
in planning, praise and worship, ushering and sharing the Gospel. We also invite Preachers and ministries to inspire the boarders and faculty to develop a prayerful life.

Through learning one acquires knowledge and wisdom is applied knowledge. All three are a prerequisite of mankind in life. At LFHSS there is an unrelentless effort in mentoring to shape uncut
diamonds into finer gems. In order to cope up with the changing circumstances there is a need to groom our children by particularly focusing on the Nine Multiple Intelligences of individuals viz. linguistic, logical, visual, kinesthetic, interpersonal, rhythmic, naturalist and existential to enhance both their knowledge and wisdom. In Livingstone we have ample amount of activities in an academic year where our mentors can easily identify a child from an early age and thus nurture him/her according to his/her own capabilities and skills. This, we do as we believe that every child is special in his/her own ways.
Our sincere gratitude goes to the parents for their sincere support and involvement in the School. Without likeminded co-operation between the school and home, we would be unable to offer all-round education. We, indeed greatly value our partnership with parents. Working together is the best way to ensure that our children develop a firm foundation and a sincere love for learning. We should not solely be concerned about the child’s marks or grades but more importantly we should lay emphasis to the development of life-skills in a child. A child cannot be like a machine programmed
only to secure high marks or grades in the examinations. We should not compromise the welfare and mentality of our children by simply comparing their marks with the other children. This can have an adverse effect on the psychology of the children. They will develop a negative understanding of the purpose of learning and hamper their academics and character formation. Instead, we must give wings to their dreams and help them identify their strengths and weaknesses. We should all help our children receive the tools of learning so that they are able to cope up with any circumstances and emotional breakdowns in life.

At Livingstone we believe that every child is expressive in his/her own ways. Therefore, we also train our mentors to find out the root cause of aggressive and undisciplined behavior at school which might be a direct outcome of their individual lack of attention at home. We also focus a lot on counselling for which the school also has a full-time counselor and also a Builders Programme for Life-Skills growth for the children. Also we have regular awareness training sessions with our mentors as well as with the children on ‘Child Abuse’ so that everyone remains well informed and aware about the menace of child abuse and thus help the children gain confidence in the school and society while at the same time making them strong and well-educated citizens.

I thank our Almighty God for leading us this far and pray that He will continue to give us all His wisdom and strength to mentor our children. I am grateful to the Annual Magazine Editorial team and committee members who have yet again done a remarkable job of compiling the contents. Ours is a diverse educational community which is clearly reflected in this magazine.