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I believe that the art of music is universal without any barrier of language, culture,
color, creed or religion. It is a gift from God, which flows out from one’s heart only to
keep re-sounding and entering into the ear of another and touch hearts.

I am, indeed, in debt to God for His grace to help and contribute something to the aspiring
singers and musicians in the school and hostel for the past 6-7 years. In the words of
Gandhiji, “Education is all-round development of a child.” The School Management has
always been very supportive to ensure young promising student-talents in the school and
hostel get adequate opportunities to enhance and hone their singing and musical skills
in addition to their academics. Many students have participated in various competitions
and some even outside the state. A few major achievements of our school in the feld of
music are:

The school band, “Stonites Band” contested in “Confluence 2013” and “Confluence 2014” - Music Band category. Both competitions were held in the Singapore International School, Mumbai. It was a national level school band competition where the contestants had to perform one original Composition each on the theme, ‘Social Cause’. In the 2013 edition our school band wrote and performed, “Stand Up for Women” an original composition based on ‘the crimes committed against women.’ We were declared Champions and we also bagged the ‘Best Drummer’ award. Our school was represented by:-

Metjei Buchem (Drums & Vocals)-11 Sc.
Medhozalie Belho (electric guitars) -12 Arts;
Panwang Konyak (Acoustic Guitars & Backing Vocals) -12 Arts;
Vinoto Sohe (Bass Guitars & Backing Vocals) - 11 Sc;
Next, in the 2014 edition our school band wrote n performed, “Love and Peace” an original Composition based on ‘wars and conflicts.’ We were again crowned Champions and this time we bagged the ‘Best Guitarist’ award. Our school was represented by:-

Metjei Buchem (Vocals)-12 Sc.
Kesosin Tep (lead guitars) -12 Sc;
Menuholie Belho (Electric Guitars & Backing Vocals) -11 Arts;
Azo Peinu (Drums) - 11 Sc; and
Mongsendong (Bass Guitars) – 12 Arts

In the year 2015, ‘Stonites Band’ was given an opportunity by the Government of Nagaland to represent our state in the “North East Youth Festival” which was held in Majuli Island, Assam. Competing with seniors and refned bands in the rock band category especially from the other states of Meghalaya, Mizoram n Assam, we played a rock rendition of ‘Rolling in the Deep’ by Adele and our very own composition, ‘Love and Peace’. Nagaland was declared champions, Meghalaya and Mizoram won the Second and Third Prizes. We were honored by the then Governor of Nagaland and Assam P.B. Acharaya with cash prizes and certifcates. Here ‘Nagaland Band (Stonites Band)’ was comprised of:

Sarah Yepthomi (Vocals) – 12 Arts
Dengam Phom (Drums)-12 Sc.
Angukali Wotsa (Acoustic guitars) -12 Sc;
Menuholie Belho (Electric Guitars & Backing Vocals) -12 Arts;
Azo Peinu (Bass Guitars & Backing Voicals) - 12 Sc; and
Imlinungba Ao (Lead Guitars & Vocals) – Music Teacher, LFHSS

‘The Stonites Band’ continues to perform in the various functions held in the school