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Published on: August 9 2019


Livingstone Foundation International organized its annual Freshers’ Day on the 9th of August 2019. The function which was held at the school’s Auditorium from 10:00 AM onwards was led by Mr. Thuireishang Jamang (mentor) along with Mr. Alopu Swu and Miss Imsujungla from Grade-XII as the MCs. The program was marked by various colourful and entertaining song and dance items by the students and mentors.
The function began with the invocation prayer which was led by Ms. Medozhanuo, Chaplain which was followed by the Welcome Address by Mr. Prabhat Mandal, Principal (Academics). This was followed by the most special part of the function which was the Mr. & Miss Freshers 2019 contest where various enthusiastic contestants from amongst the fresh batch of Grade -XI participated and showcased their mettle in facing the crowd and answering some challenging questions posed by the judges. At the end of the final round, Miss. Easter Somungla Jamang of Grade XI Com. was adjudged as the Miss Fresher 2019 while Mr. Vioka K. Sumi of Grade -XI Arts was declared as the Mr. Fresher 2019. The other title winners included Mr. Kito A. Yepthomi as Mr Popular and Miss. Eypenti Aier as Miss Congeniality. The winners were felicitated by the Chairman, Dr. Andrew Ahoto and Director, Mrs. Ani Yepthomi. The panel of judges included Mr. Andrew Ahoto, Chairman, Mrs. Ani Yepthomi and Mr. Swapnanil Talukdar, Academic Coordinator along with the previous year’s Mr & Miss Freshers.
Earlier in his keynote address, the Chairman, Dr. Andrew Ahoto encouraged the students to utilize their individual gifts that God had bestowed upon them and not to follow the crowd as one is the master of one’s own destiny. He also challenged the students to be understanding and lovable and also to consider each other as members of one single Stonites family whereby one should not indulge in either physical or psychological bullying at the same time not backbite against each other. He reminded the gathering that the mouth should always be checked and protected as it can lead to disharmony amongst the family members. He encouraged the students to always keep the interests of others before thing about self. He expressed his desire to see the children to transform not only in academics but also in their thoughts and vision. According to him, one can only shoulder responsibilities as a leader if one has the capability of embracing everyone. He also called upon the students to always possess a positive mindset and to imbibe positive values from LFI and above all to be kind and good human beings and to see the best in everything.
The other highlights of the programme included a special number by Grade XII Arts students and Rip Tide by Mr. Cheno Tep of Grade-XII Sc. The colourful and memorable programme came to a solemn close with Vote of Thanks proposed by Mr. Zakir Hussain, Coordinator.