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Published on: March 10 2019


The annual event of the LFHSS Hostel Candle Light Dinner was held on 10th March 2019 at the Junior High Basketball Court. Unlike other years, this year’s edition of the Candle Light Dinner was conducted for the entire hostellers and not just for the outgoing students. The programme which began at 7:00 PM was led by the Hostel Superintendent, Mr. Zakir Hussain as the MC. It opened with the invocation prayer and Welcome Address by the Director, Mrs. Ani Yepthomi.
The Key-Note Address of the occasion was delivered by the Chairman of, Dr. Andrew Ahoto. In his address, the Chairman dwelt upon the importance of being helpful as Stonites not only within the four walls of the school and the hostel but also in the outside world. He also remarked that being Stonites also entails one to be good human beings and to possess a positive mindset. He also spoke about the school’s future plans and programmes. He congratulated the outgoing students for reaching this far and wished them all the best for their future career. He also proposed the toast of the night in the name of the entire Stonites, especially the hotellers.

Short speeches on behalf of the outgoing students were delivered by Mr. Lhoulabilie, Ms. Awie Katiry and Mr. Tovi all from Grade-XII. This was followed by the beginning of the buffet dinner session which was accompanied by melodious numbers by Mr. Tovi of Grade-XI and Mr. Rumen & Mr. Alfred of Grade-X. Mr. Zakir Hussain also delivered a brief talk on the occasion. The programme came to a solemn close at 8:45 PM.

It is worth mentioning here that the entire venue arrangement, including the decorations, was led by the Director, Mrs. Ani Yepthomi and her dynamic team members. The dinner preparation was taken over by Mr. Tohuvi, Mrs. Ruth and the parents of Mr. Tirus Mongzar. Mr. Issac was the in-charge of sound, Ms. Helistoli & Ms. Kajen were entrusted with the responsibility of food serving and arrangement of dishes, Mr. Karan & Mr. Hazarika for discipline and security around the venue and Mr. Tirus for photo and videography.