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Published on: February 23 2019


The management, teachers and students of Livingstone Foundation Hr. Sec. School bid an emotional adieu to the outgoing Grade-XII students in a colorful and memorable Farewell Function organized by the Grade-XI students, teachers and management on the 23rd of February 2019 at the School’s Auditorium.
The programme which started at 10:30 AM was led by Mr. Alopu Swu of Grade-XI Arts and Miss Imsurenla of Grade-XI Sc as the MCs. The invocation prayer was said by Ms. Moasenla S. Ozukum. It was followed by the Welcome Address by Mr. Zakir Hussain, Coordinator. This was followed by an enchanting number by Mr. Tovi S. Chophi of Grade-XI Arts entitled ‘The Scientists’.
Exhorting the outgoing students, the Director, Mrs. Ani Yepthomi spoke on the significance of thanksgiving and the values of gratefulness that must be imbibed in each one of our lives. She also led the gathering of mentors and students to a special blessing through prayer for the Grade-XII students.
In his words of encouragement to the outgoing Grade-XII students, the Chairman, Dr. Andrew Ahoto spoke on the sidelines of the school motto ‘Learn to Serve’ wherein he was hopeful that the students had emboldened and educated themselves fully to serve their fellow human beings and the society after their career as students. He also encouraged the gathering to inculcate the habit of giving more than receiving.
The Farewell Speech on behalf of the outgoing students was presented by Ms. Khrievozonuo Khesoh and Mr. Lhoulabelie Zhale both from Grade-XII Arts. Earlier, the Farewell Speech on behalf of the Grade-XI students was presented by Mr. Shosa Thyu and Miss Sentitola of Grade-XI Arts and Grade-XI Arts respectively. A very special number entitled ‘Hero’ was also presented by the Vocal Mentor of the school, Ms. V. Omekali Chishi.
The other special highlights of the function included dance by Mr. Raj Kumar Das of Grade-XI Sc., a Special Act by Miss Neingurie-u Zatsu and friends and Group Song by boys of Grade-XI Sc. Some of the Grade-XII students who performed on invitation were Mr. Ngukalu, Mr. Kughatovi and Mr. Louchisie Ngouri. On the occasion, special mementoes and bookmarks were also presented to the outgoing students as tokens of remembrance by the Chairman and Director.
The programme came to a close with the Vote of Thanks which was proposed by Mr. Sanjeev Momin. After the programme came to a close the students as well as teachers were treated to High Tea at the Basketball Court.