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Published on: December 14 2018


The Stonites Advent Christmas and Thanksgiving Day 2018 was held at the Hostel Campus of Livingstone Foundation Hr. Sec. School on 14th December 2018. This year the programme was made more eventful by a grand and memorable Thanksgiving Dinner for the Stonites Staff by the School Management led by the Chairman, Dr. Andrew Ahoto and Director, Mrs. Ani Yepthomi.
The Advent Christmas programme which began at 6:00 PM was led by Mr. Vernon Fernandez as the MC. The invocation prayer was said by Mrs. Nisheli Edwards, Co-Administrator of LFHSS. This was followed by the lighting of the bonfire by Mr. Arthur Edwards, Administrator. This was followed by a huge array of talent filled items put up by the students from various dormitories. The duet numbers entitled ‘Love Someone’ and ‘Future Husband’ by Ms. Neshali and Ms. Kalivi opened the show of extravagance. This was followed by a group dance item by the Grade-XII Arts Boys. Another unique addition to this year’s programme was the Beat Boxing item by Mr. Sanju Ale and Mr. Prakash. A skit by Mr. Thanri Muivah & Friends entitled ‘Local Gunda’ left the audience in mixed emotions. The other items included Chitrahaar by Mr. Rajkumar, Fusion Dance by Grade-VII, VIII & IX Girls, Trio Number by Mr. Pursunep & Co., Band Performance by Mr. Talimayang & friends, Celebrities Show by Grades-X & XI boys and many more.
Earlier, in his inspiring speech, Dr. Andrew Ahoto, Chairman spoke about the essence of being grateful in life and to give more than receiving. He also brought to fore the reality of people being vocal only in times of distress by showering sympathies but no one likes to even say a word of congratulations when one attains something significant or when one achieves success. He advised the students to be epitomes of gratefulness and to give the joy of gratitude to their parents, elders and loved ones this joyous Christmas season. He also cautioned the youngsters not to drive rashly and to be aware of tragedies and accidents on roads during festive seasons due to negligence. Finally he conveyed the joys and blessings of Christmas season to everyone.
Later on, Christmas Medley and Carols were led by the Music Mentors along with the Stonites Choir during which Santa Claus made a grand entry along with Mr. Th. Jamang. The colorful items were followed by presentation of Awards in various categories like Best Dormitory, Best Outgoing Boy and Girl, etc. which was announced by Mr. B. Hazarika and handed over to the Dorm Wardens, Prefects and individual students by Mrs. Ani Yepthomi, Director. In her brief address, the Director espoused the significance of Thanks Giving in each one’s life and spoke about the value of being grateful to God for all the ordinary things in life. She underscored the importance of thanking God and every individual in one’s life with a grateful heart and not only to thank God for material bounties like money and well-being.
The programme came to a close with the Vote of Thanks proposed by Mr. B. Hazarika which was followed by the Thanksgiving Dinner for the Stonites Staff including Mentors at the Basketball Court.
The Thanksgiving Dinner was one of its kinds in the history of Livingstone, filled with music, colours and resplendent beauty of elegance. The special Dinner Night was opened with a short speech by the Chairman, Dr. Andrew Ahoto who proposed toasts for the greater glory of the Stonites Family and its phenomenal achievements throughout the year. The night of revelry and fun began with a prayer by Mr. Prabhat Mandal, Principal (Academics) after which the Management, Heads and Staff Members took part in the sumptuous dinner delight.