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As a run-up to the proposed launching of the Measles-Rubella (MR) Vaccination Campaign by the Government of Nagaland from the 3rd of October 2018, there was a one-day Training for Principals and Nodal Teachers of various Private Schools in and around Dimapur on the 9th of August 2018 at the Chapel Hall, District Hospital, Dimapur conducted by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer, Dimapur District. The said training was attended on behalf of Livingstone Foundation Hr. Sec. School by Mr. Andrew Ahoto, Chairman cum Principal along with Mr. Zakir Hussain, Coordinator as the Nodal Teacher.

The training programme which began at 10:30 AM started with the topic presentation by the speaker followed by the registration of the participants. The Welcome Address was delivered by the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Vikato Kinimi while the Opening Remarks was presented by Mr. Andrew Ahoto, President of ANPSA. The country update on Measles-Rubella was given by Project Officer, UNDP followed by a short presentation on Basic Strategy and Operational Plan for MRVC and Planning for School Based MR Campaign by DPO RCH/UIP. A brief talk on Organizing vaccination session sites was also presented by Project Officer, UNDP. The FAQs on MRVC was clarified by DPO RCH/UIP. The training session came to a close with a talk on MR TOT Advocacy Communication and Mobilization by Project Officer, UNDP.

During the course of the training the private schools also submitted the School Form for Target Estimation – Pre MR Campaign to the officials present.