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The Sunday Chapel Service at Livingstone Foundation Hr. Sec. School was an edifying moment for the Stonites when the members of Hope Café & Bakery, Dimapur led by its co-proprietor and an alumna of LFHSS, Miss Vilivi S. Swu visited and spend some quality time with the students and mentors on 24th June 2018.
The Chapel Service was led by Ms. Awie Katiry of Grade XII as the leader while the main speaker on the occasion was Miss Vilivi Swu of Hope Cafe who shared her life’s experiences and God’s Word to the gathering. According to her, God wanted everyone to be Fruitful as enshrined in the Book of Genesis. She also introduced her 6 very proficient team workers who were people with special needs. They were all deaf and mute but had better expertise than any normal person. She highlighted on her life spent as a student of LFHSS where she learned many newer and better prospects of life. According to her Hope Café & Bakery was an initiative of Eden Enterprises & Ministry which was launched by Rev. Achu Chang.

During the brief service, the six deaf and mute team mates of Hope Café rendered a couple of songs using only sign language which left the crowd emotional and enlightened. They also recited verses from the Holy Bible using sign language and also presented their testimonies to the gathering.

The team from Hope Café was earlier felicitated by Mrs. Nisheli Edwards, Co-Administrator of LFHSS and Mrs. Ani Yepthomi, Director of Jr. High with a certificate of appreciation and framed memorabilias as token of remembrance and gratitude. Speaking on behalf of the school Mr. Andrew Ahoto, Chairman of LFHSS profusely thanked Miss Vilivi and her team mates for enlightening the Stonites with their testimonies of courage and devotion towards God and their profession. He also expressed his deep appreciation towards the special team of deaf and mute persons who he thought were much better off than normal people in their way of contributing towards society by their devotion and faith. He also congratulated Miss. Vilivi for bringing a ray of hope for people with special needs in such a special and unique way.