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For the first time in the history of Nagaland, one of the most ancient and traditional game ‘Lagori’ was introduced at Livingstone Foundation Hr. Sec. School, Dimapur on 6th March 2018 by the Mr. Sandeep Gurav, President of Amateur Lagori Federation of India (ALFI) which is affiliated to the Asian & International Lagori Federation (AILF).

Speaking on the occasion the Chairman of LFHSS, Mr. Andrew Ahoto gave a brief outline about the history, significance and benefits of the Lagori or Seven Stones Game. He also thanked Mr. Sandeep for introducing such a health benefiting game in Nagaland. He also encouraged the young students to take up such physical games and shy away from virtual games on the mobiles and computers which have adverse effects on the health. A workshop on the game of Lagori was also conducted for the students and the teachers on the occasion by Mr. Sandeep Gurav where he imparted the basic knowledge of Lagori as a game and also gave an on-field demonstration of the game.

 The Lagori Game also popularly known as the Seven Stones Game is a traditional game played in almost all the states of India and in more than 30 countries of the world. It is known by different names in other countries viz. in India-Lagori, in Canada-Teelo, in Pakistan- Pitho or Pittu, in Bhutan and Uganda- Seven Stones, in Nepal- Seven Tilo, in Turkey- Seven Tiles, Bangladesh-Sat Chara, Afghanistan-Santracon, Sri Lanka-Lagori, Saudi Arabia and Iran-Haft Sang.

The Lagori Association was formed in 2010 by Late Mr. Santosh Pralhad Gurav as its Founding President. Since then there have been two International Lagori Events. The 1st International Lagori Championship was conducted at Bhutan from 2nd to 4th June 2013 in which 9 Countries participated . Following the success of the Championship, the Ist Triangular International Lagori Series was played among India, Uganda and Afghanistan at Maharashtra, India on 8th and 9th July 2013 whereas the 2nd International Lagori Series was held at Raigad with India, Uganda, Chad Republic, North Sudan and Kenya as the participating countries.

Some of the benefits of the Lagori or Seven Stones Games are – it enhances team coordination, increases concentration, sharpens one’s eyesight, improves stamina, motor skills and alertness. Moreover the game can be played by anyone between the age of 6 years to 60 years and it can be played anywhere with nominal financial requirement.