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LFHSS Junior High students and mentors had an exhilarating experience on Saturday, 3rd of February 2018. The occasion was a Special Outdoor Games session of Basketball and Cricket Matches involving both students and mentors under the guidance and leadership of Mrs. Ani Yepthomi, Director Junior High. The Special Guest on the occasion was Mr. Arthur Edwards, Administrator of LFHSS. The Games began after the Attendance at around 10:00 AM.

The students of all the four houses viz. Matthew(Blue), Mark(Red), Luke(Green) and John(Yellow) were divided into two teams each for Basketball as well as Cricket Matches. The Basketball Match was played between two teams of girls, the Monster Girls (Yellow & Green) and Little Dragons (Blue & Red). After a competitive match the Monster Girls were adjudged the winning team. The scores at the end of the Match stood at 38 against 37. The referee and scorer for the Basketball Match were Mrs. Indrani Ali and Mrs. Reena Nath respectively. Later on the Girls from Grade-VIII and Grade-VII played a friendly match which was won by Grade-VIII.

The boys from four houses participated enthusiastically in the Cricket Match which also involved the gent mentors. The boys’ teams were Dark Knights (Red & Blue) and Stonite Cricketers (Yellow & Green). Winning the toss, the Captain of Stonite Cricketers, Mr. Karan Ghebring decided to field first giving the opportunity to the rival team, Dark Knights to make a remarkable score of 133 Runs for the loss of 6 wickets in the first innings. The players from Stonite Cricketers could just make a humble score of 82 Runs only with all their wickets continuously falling and ruining their hopes for a wonderful chase. The undisputed Champions at the end of the 2nd Innings were Dark Knights. Mr. Probir Sangma was declared the Man of the Match. The Umpires for the Cricket Match were Mr. Surendra Sah and Mr. Sanjeev Momin while the Scorer was Mr. Vernon Fernandez.

After the exciting Matches got over, the Special Guest, Mr. Arthur Edwards, Administrator of LFHSS delivered some words of encouragement before giving away cash awards of Rs.1000/- each to the Winning Teams of both the Basketball as well as the Cricket Matches. The entire refreshment for the students and mentors during the Game Session was provided by Mrs. Ani Yepthomi, Director Junior High.

 AWARD & CERTIFICATES: Rs. 1000/- each to the winning teams.