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An Agricultural Field Trip was undertaken for the Agriculture Students from Grade-XII to School of Agricultural Sciences and Rural Development (SASRD), Nagaland University, Medziphema Campus on 6th November 2017 under the guidance of the Agricultural Faculty of LFHSS led by Miss. Nikse Sangma.

All together 130 students of Grade-XII Arts & Science undertook the Field Trip for which 4 additional teachers viz., Mr. Bipul Sangma, Dr. Bhisma Hazarika. Mr. Thuireishang Jamang and Miss Imtisenla were deputed to escort the students. The students and the teachers started for Medziphema in the assigned School Buses at around 8:45 AM and reached the venue at 10:30 AM. Upon reaching the venue the students were divided into 2 Groups, one headed by Miss Nikse Sangma and the other headed by Mr. Bipul Sangma, Dr. Bhisma Hazarika and Mr. Thuireishang Jamang along with the tour guides from the SASRD Campus.

One of the Tour Guides was Mr. Bezavitso Haralu who was a practicing Ph.D. student. Some of the important officials with whom the students interacted during the Field Trip were Dr. Narola Pongener, Associate Professor, Department of Plant Pathology, Dr. Aleminla Ao, Professor and Dr. Imtinaro, Associate Professor, Department of Enthomology. Apart from the officials the students also interacted with Miss Meshenji Apon, a 2nd Year Ph.D. Student from the Department of Agronomy and Mr. Laishram Hemanta from the Department of Horticulture.

The students had a very enriching experience from the Field Trip in which they garnered adequate information related to their curriculum like Plant Pathology, Cultivation of Mushroom, Basics of Entomology, Pollination of Plants, Vermi-composting, Classification and Scope of Horticulture, Nursery Bed, Mist Chamber, Tissue Culture and Net Beds. During the course of their Trip the students also had the opportunity to visit the adjoining Institute of Horticulture and got the see how ornamental flowers like roses and gerberas were cultivated. This culminated the Trip and the students along with the teachers headed back for the school. The team reached the campus at 5:15 PM.