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On Thursday May 19th 2017, Livingstone Foundation Hr. Sec. School Jr. High invited a magician to surprise the children of the school with a magic show. The main motive of organizing this programme was to let the children have fun, to unwind and to refresh their minds through the means of entertainment.

Working under an organization named ‘New Light’, his purpose of visit was to bring to the knowledge of the students that ‘magic is 100% tricks’, it is an Art and does not deal with supernatural powers.

The programme was divided into three sessions:
1st session- Grade 1 to V
2nd session- Grade 6 to 10
3rd session- Grade XII( arts/ science/commerce)

A lot of magic tricks using coins, matchbox, an umbrella, handkerchief, etc were executed by the magician.

Mr. Abraham Anthony came all the way from Chennai to entertain and educate the students through Educative Magic Show. His motive was to attract the youngsters through his magic show and to spread the awareness amongst the students on how to eradicate superstitious beliefs from our country and to make India a developed country within the year 2020. He believes that superstition can be rooted out with the spread of education. So, with this belief he demonstrated seven different types of magic tricks through which he conveyed five special messages to the children.

* Magic in an art.
* Magic is full to tricks
* No human possess super natural powers, only God has super natural powers.
* Always believe in God and trust in him alone.
* And to think scientifically.

The students of Jr. High & Sr. Section students watched the show with great curiously and were amazed to see all his magic tricks. This show had it all. The students were drawn in by his charm and charisma. His magic was something else – the production aspect was a lesson to everybody. He has ideas that really made it seem like students were witnessing something incredible. It was lively and fun filled magic show thoroughly enjoyed by every individual. And his messages were to the point and very clear, understood and accepted by everyone. His performance will stay in the memory of students forever