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A two-day teachers’ training programme was conducted by My Pedia under the Pearson Educational Group on 16th and 17th May 2017. The training programme mainly focused on the My Pedia Curriculum and Classroom Management. The guest lecturers for the training were Ms. Sweta Bordoloi and Mr. Joseph Laldinmanwia from the Pearson Educational Group. Ms. Sweta Bordoloi is presently the Eastern Region Coordinator of My Pedia Classroom Solutions while Mr. Joseph Laldinmanwia is the City Coordinator, My Pedia of Dimapur.

The first day of the training which was held on 16th May 2017 (Tuesday) mainly focused on the My Pedia Curriculum and Program and was attended by around 24 teachers from the Junior School as well as 2 English Teachers from the Senior School. The key aspects of the first day were the philosophy of the My Pedia Program and Blooms Taxonomy which was done through exciting group activities like Gallery Walk and Role Play on Noise Management.

The second day of the training was held for the entire teachers on 17th May 2017 (Wednesday) and it mainly focused on Effective Classroom Management. The teachers were made to carry out several activities including a Role Play Session on Classroom Management. Around 56 teachers participated in the training on the second day.

The training session concluded at around 3:30 PM with a very encouraging speech delivered by Mr. Andrew Ahoto, Chairman of the school. Earlier, the members of the best group for Day-1 led by Mrs. Ani Yepthomi, Director Junior High and the Best Group for Day-2 led by Mr. Prakash Yadav were presented with some gifts by the team of Guest Speakers. Overall the MyPedia Training Programme was a very enriching experience for all the teachers.