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The first ever Students’ Council Elections was held at the Jr. High of Livingstone Foundation Hr. Sec. School on 6th May 2017, Saturday, under the initiative and mentorship of the Jr. High Director, Mrs. Ani Yepthomi. The Students’ Council Elections were held to elect the House Captains and Vice-Captains of four different Houses viz. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John for which nominations were filed from amongst the students of Grade-VIII a few days ahead of the Polling Day on Saturday.

On the day of the polling separate Polling Booths were put up for the four different Houses in different designated class rooms. After the 1st period was over the students lined up at the Assembly Area and the nominated members of the Houses were apprised about the Canvassing and Campaigning procedures. This was followed by the different Houses grouping together in separate areas for the purpose of Campaign through public address. During the Campaign Process, the various nominated members addressed the members of their own houses and presented brief campaign speeches and also they carried out elaborate student-to-student canvassing for garnering their support and vote during the Election.

The entire process of Electioneering Campaign and Voting was entirely managed by the students under the monitor and guidance of the House Masters and House Mistresses with active support from other mentors. The entire process was initiated by the Director, Junior High, Mrs. Ani Yepthomi for choosing the Students Leaders through a democratic process and also to make the students aware about the Electioneering and Campaigning Processes through practical learning.