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Published on: June 5 2016


A special Felicitation Programme was held at Livingstone Foundation Hr. Sec. School to felicitate the AISSE (Grade-X) National Toppers and AISSCE (Grade-XII) School Toppers on 4th June 2016. The programme which was held at the School Auditorium began at around 9:30 AM and was attended by parents of the Toppers along with the parents of the present batch of students from Grades-IX to XII who had been invited to attend a meeting and workshop which was organized alongside the Felicitation Programme.

All together six AISSE (Grade-X) National Toppers and two AISSCE (Grade-XII) School Toppers were felicitated during the programme with Merit Certificates and Gift Hampers apart from Cash Prizes and Scholarships in the form of Fee Concessions for the six AISSE (Grade-X) National Toppers. The AISSE National Toppers included Mr. J. Meyawati, Mr. Rohit Das, Mr. Onito T. Assumi, Mr. Hamlong Phom, Miss Shoshannim Jamir and Miss Lhingchoisang Lhungdim while the two School Toppers of AISSCE (Grade-XII) included Miss Terilo Lotha from Science Stream and Miss Odijungla Imchen from Arts Stream. They were felicitated by the Administrator of the school Mr. Arthur Edwards who in his short speech encouraged the toppers and asked them not to become overconfident as it would lead to their premature downfall.

The programme started with the Invocation Prayer by Mrs. Ani Yepthomi, Director of Junior High which was followed by a word of welcome by Mr. Prabhat Mandal, Principal (Academics). The felicitation of toppers began a short while later with a few words of encouragement and greetings from the Chairman cum Principal of the School, Mr. Andrew Ahoto. Congratulating the toppers on their incredible achievement, he spoke on the importance of quality education which very few schools bother to impart. He was of the opinion that Livingstone has always stood apart from others in imparting the best all round education through its well qualified mentors and that too at very subsidized and affordable fees when compared with other CBSE schools.

Speaking on behalf of the parents of the toppers, Mrs. Chubainla, mother of Mr. J. Meyawati profusely thanked the Livingstone School management and faculty for their immense role in motivating and shaping the success of her son and the other students who had come out successful in the AISSE and AISSCE 2016 of CBSE. She highlighted the important role which the school had played in making her son’s achievement as a national topper a reality. Mr. Onito T. Assumi, Miss Odijungla Imchen and Mr. J. Meyawati spoke on behalf of the toppers. In their short deliverances they expressed their deepest gratitude to the School Management and Teachers for guiding and moulding them so that they could become Toppers and become shining examples for their friends and family. They also expressed hope that their teachers would always be there to guide them in the future too.

The next session of the programme was a special workshop on ‘Students self-formation and Positive Parenting’ by Mrs. Darlin from Builders Self Development Programme which is taking care of Life Skills Education in LFHSS since this year. She opened the session with the quote “It is easier to Build strong children than to repair broken men”. She gave the example of an iceberg in comparison to a child. Like an iceberg a child’s major persona remains hidden below the surface of water unexplored. Most of the workshop session was focused on handling and managing adolescents. The resource person talked in length about the attributes of a balanced child, viz. Physical, Social, Emotional and Cognitive. According to her, children these days are not properly given the right parenting resulting in wrong values being imparted and thus leading to negative impacts in their lives. Due to lack of anger management tactics at home by the parents and also due to negligence of the parents, children’s mentality changes for the worse and thus leads to a communication gap between the child and the parents. Suicidal and violent attitudes mostly develop due to wrong parenting, according to Mrs. Darlin. Also most of the children develop addiction to all kinds of substances due to negligence and indifference of the parents. She emphasized on the immediate and most urgent need for parents to help their children develop the right attitude and also to help their children to learn how to deal with emotions. Before she wound up her motivational sharing, she requested the parents not to talk ill about the school or any teacher in front of their children as it would send a very wrong signal to the children and they will lose interest in their school’s activities and may start disrespecting their teachers.

The programme came to a close at around 12:15 PM with the Chairman cum Principal, Mr. Andrew Ahoto’s interaction with the parents and toppers followed by his vote of thanks.