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Published on: April 22 2016


A one-day MIND EDUCATION CULTURAL CAMP was held at Livingstone Foundation Hr. Sec. School on 22nd April 2016 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. The Camp was organized by the International Youth Fellowship Nagaland based in Seoul, South Korea and was led by its Director, Rev. Hyeonyong Choi. The 14 member team from South Korea who participated in the IYF Camp included the famous Gospel Band, Rio Montana who enchanted the participants with more than 6 of their melodious numbers including a Hindi movie number from the movie ‘Three Idiots’ and also a famous number from the Korean Movie ‘The Classic’.

The camp also featured members of the Righteous Stars Dance troupe featuring young Korean students who enthralled the audience with their choreographic performances. Other highlights of the camp included Taekwondo demonstration by Korean and Thai students, teaching of Korean songs and language. The participating students from Livingstone Foundation Hr. Sec. School included students from Grade-IX, X and XII. During the course of the camp, they were made to learn a Korean song entitled ‘Hello, Goodbye.’

The most important part of the camp however was the Mind Education Lecture which was delivered across three sessions by the famous International Speaker from South Korea, Rev. Kyuyong Lee who spoke on various intriguing issues that afflict the modern youth and affect them mentally as well as spiritually. According to Rev. Kyuyong Lee, the modern youth were caught between materialistic living and spiritual growth where many choose the materialistic life and this they stay aloof from divine intervention in the form of God and His ways. He was also of the view that many youth, both in Korea as well as India have lost the passion to live a worthwhile life and thus they end up getting depressed and ultimately committing suicide. This also was a result of not opening up to others and sharing their thoughts and difficulties. Thus, in the modern world, parents and children fail to understand each other and live in their individual worlds without caring for each other. The distance thus created leads to a further decline in their personal relationships and also their relationship with God.

In his closing address, the Director of IYF Nagaland profusely thanked, Mr. Andrew Ahoto, the Chairman of Livingstone Foundation Hr. Sec. School for his encouragement and incredible support due to which the Camp was an ultimate success. He also thanked Mrs. Ani Yepthomi, the lady wife of the Chairman for her help and support. He was also all praises for the teachers and students of Livingstone Foundation Hr. Sec. School for their timely help and support.

The Mind Education and Cultural Camp was jointly supported by the International Mind Education Institute, South Korea and International Youth Fellowship Nagaland. The team from Livingstone Foundation Hr. Sec. School who supported the IYF Camp included the Chairman, Mr. Andrew Ahoto, his lady wife, Mrs. Ani Yepthomi, Mr. Zakir Hussain, Mr. Sanjeev Momin, Mr. Issak Athili, Mr. Thuireishang Jamang and Mrs. Aggya Thapa Singh.