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Published on: December 18 2014


“The Star of Bethlehem is shining, Up yonder in the sky, Guiding the three Wise Men from the East, To Jesus the New Child.”

“O Beautiful Star of Bethlehem! Let thy light shine on us with beauty bright. And thou lead us home safely, To the Newborn Savior.”

‘We saw his star in the east and have come to worship Him….and the star they had seen in the east went ahead of them until it stopped over the place where the child was when they saw the star, they were overjoyed.” (Matthew 2:1-2, 9-11)

Today Christmas is centred on worldliness. When we look at the preparation of Christmas people are so busy for the feast, decoration, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, gift exchange, caroling, party, etc. Only few remember Christ who is the centre of Christmas. Without Christ, all these preparation and celebration has no value or meaning.

In the Christmas story we have many events and figures such as Mary and Joseph, shepherds, angels, King Herod, the Magi or the Wise Men, Bethlehem, manger, etc. However many of us fail to recognize the Star or even though we hang the star we use it without recognizing its message. But the star has played an important part on the first Christmas night. It was the STAR OF CHRIST.

Firstly, the star appeared in the sky. If that phenomenon had not occurred that night, the Wise Men would not have followed it to the manger where Christ was born. But through its appearance the star revealed to the world the greatest miracle of the world, the birth of our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ.

Secondly, in the midst of many stars, it was the brightest of them all. It was so particular and different than any other star. It overshadowed the other stars. The Wise Men recognized that it was a different star, different than all the ordinary stars.

Fourthly, the Wise Men knew that it had significance and therefore they decided to follow the star. They decided to search where it led them.

Fifthly, the star went ahead of them, guiding them throughout the desert land. The star acted as a guide and a light for the Wise Men.

Lastly, the star stopped over the place where the infant Jesus was born. The goal of the star was to lead the Wise Men till they reach the manger where Jesus was born, till they see and worship Him. Thus, it was the STAR OF CHRIST.


Firstly, there may be so many stars in your church, society or family but you are also one of the stars. The important thing is as the star appeared in the sky you need to appear as a star in your society. If you do not move forward, do not reveal, do not appear, do not expose, no one will know who you are. Therefore, Christmas is the time for us to appear as the STAR OF CHRIST.

Secondly, the essence of the star is light and brightness. In the same way, you don’t need to appear just as an ordinary star but in the midst of many stars let your life be the brightest star in your church, society, family or among your friends and colleagues. Let your life’s brightness overshadow all the darkness.

Thirdly, as the Wise Men recognized the Star of Christ as being different from any stars. Let your people and friends recognize you as something different, unique and special. Let the people recognize the brightness of Christ and the dwelling of the Holy Spirit in you during this Christmas and always.

Fourthly, as the Wise Men decided to follow the Star of Christ let the people decide for themselves to follow your example, your commitment and your life. Let your life be of a model Christian for your fellow Christians and also the Non-Christians.

Fifthly, as the Star of Christ led and guided the Wise Men let your life be a guide to your friends. Let your life be a light, inspiration and encouragement for your society.

Lastly, as the goal of the Star of Christ was to lead the Wise Men till they reached the infant Christ let your goal of life be to lead the people till they find Christ Jesus in their own lives. Try to lead someone to Christ this Christmas.

With these challenges in mind, make your life shine like the STAR OF CHRIST this Christmas season. Be a quick forgiver towards others and always bear an essence of love. I am sure you will experience overwhelming happiness, joy and bliss in your life.