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Published on: November 16 2014


Livingstone Foundation Hr. Sec. School celebrated its Children cum Parents Day amid great joy, fun and gaiety on the 15th of November 2014. The celebration which started at 2:00 P.M was held at the Green Lawns of the school with Mr. Toshi Aier, IAS, the Chief Secretary to the Government of Nagaland as the Chief Guest. With the arrival of the Chief Guest at 2:15 the programme kicked off with the School Anthem led by Miss Nilokali of Class 10 and Mr. Metjei Phom of Class 12 (Sc). Thereafter, the Masters of the Ceremony Mr. Vernon Fernandez and Miss Wellenchila lost no time in announcing the order of the programme. The invocation prayer was said by Mrs. Ani Yepthomi, the Co-ordinator of Pre-Primary Section who while welcoming everyone also emphasized through her prayer that children were the gifts of God. The Welcome Speech was presented by Mr. Arthur Edwards. Administrator of the school. In his speech, Mr. Edwards encouraged the students to make the best out of education while they were still in school, learning not only the academics but also developing their other skills to achieve greatness in life. He further advised them to become responsible citizens. He remarked that many of the students in the higher classes did not have any aim or vision for their lives. He also said that running after collared jobs through competitive examinations was not enough. He gave the example of Reuben Paul who at a very young age became the CEO of his own company through his own projects in computer. He challenged the teaching community to produce such students. 

After the welcome speech, the Chief Guest was presented by the Administrator and his wife Mrs. Nisheli Edwards with a plaque, a copy of the School Silver Jubilee Souvenir cum Magazine and a bouquet of flowers. This was followed by a number of entertaining shows which included several dance items by the students from various classes and songs sung by the children as well as the teachers. The audience were kept highly entertained throughout by the colourful performances. Miss Nilokali of Class 10 performed her debut single number 'Forever Yours' which was recently released. 'Illusion' a really baffling dance item was performed by the Junior Stonites whereas the feet tapping performance '1,2,3,4 Lets Dance' by students of Grades 7 & 8 set the crowds on their feet. The Stonites Mentor also rendered their tributes to their students through two main performances, 'Teri Ankhon Se' and 'We are the World'. Later a couple of Instrumentals were presented by the students of senior section. 

Earlier in the programme Mr. Andrew Ahoto in his inspiring speech compared the students' life to a traffic light which through its colours of Green, Red and Amber says Go, Stop and Watch Out. He spoke about achievement and attitude. Attitude, he emphasised, is developed early through proper etiquettes and manners. He gave an example of a child who behaved exceptionally well. When asked as to where he learnt his civilized manners, he simply replied that 'It runs in our family'. He further said that parents are the ones who pass on their manners as heritage to their children. While talking about opportunities and temptations, he went on to remark that 'Children learn from examples not just through advice'. In a thought provoking illustration, he gave the example of an amagram HABIT where when H is removed ABIT remains, when A is removed BIT remains and finally when B is removed still IT remains. Thus he elaborated it by saying that bit by bit the habit grows till it forms ones character. He then went on to highlight some of the exceptional achievements of the school this year. He summed up his speech by encouraging the gathering that leaders are not born but made and by quoting St. Ignatius who said 'Pray as if everything depended on God and work as if everything depended on you!'

One of the most important part of the programme was the Prize Distribution. Various prizes were given away by the Chief Guest to the students who had participated in various competitions both at the State as well as National levels and had brought laurels for the school. The awardees were accompanied by their coaches when they came up on the stage to receive the awards. After the Prize Distribition the Chief Guest addressed the gathering. In his speech the Chief Guest, Mr. Toshi Aier, IAS remarked that a good education can only happen when the three components of education viz. Infrastructure or the Teaching Faculty, Students and the Parents work in proper coordination. He particularly emphasised on a value based education system where simply mugging and passing with mere 33 or 35 percent marks was not enough but rather hard work must be the main element. He further said that mere bookish knowledge was not the only criteria to achieve success but all round personality development was also needed. The Chief Guest also pointed out that in today's Naga society the role of parents in their children's upbringing is utterly neglected. The parents have a notion that keeping their children in good schools and hostels is enough and everything is left to the school authorities to take care. He also spoke at length about his long association with the Administrator of the School, Mr. Arthur Edwards and his family.

The lasting impression of the celebration was the dual performance of dance and music by the team which had performed at the Art Summit at Singapore International School in Mumbai. The Stonites Band who were adjudged the Champions of the Band Competition for the second consecutive year belted out their winning number 'Love and Peace'. The score was sung by Mr. Metjei Phom of Class 12 (Sc) who was the frontman of the Stonites Band. The other item was the 'Fusion Contemporary' which was a totally mesmerising and awe inspiring choreographic performance by the girls from both Junior as well as Senior sections. Apart from the main stage programme the other attraction was a special Art Exhibition near the Basketball Court. The exhibition depicted the fascinating works of the Art and Craft Department of the school led by Mr. Sentiyanger, Mr Tsuknungmeren Imsong and Mr. Christopher Hart the able Art and Wood Carving expert Teachers from the school. Prominent among other works of art in the exhibition was the Wood Work Creation of a Viking Warrior which was a creation of Mr. Christopher Hart.