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This year, Children’s Day at Livingstone Foundation International was marked by a special Combined Morning Assembly Programme which was conducted by the Mentors of both Senior as well as Junior High for the students at the Junior High Campus on 14th November 2019.
The programme, which was led by Mr. Karan Ghebring as the MC, began at 9:00 AM with a special prayer which was led by Ms. Imsurenla Jamir. The significance of the day was read out by the MC. A Special Song entitled ‘We will rock you’ by Queen was sung on the occasion by the Lady Mentors much to the delight of the gathering.
This was followed by Words of Wisdom by the Chairman of LFHSS, Dr. Andrew Ahoto who mainly dwelt on the need to possess a good and healthy heart, mind and soul to become better leaders of the society. He also urged the mentors as well as the students to have a competitive spirit among the Senior and the Junior Schools without any hatred or jealousy but to strive for the upliftment of the school together as one family. He also conveyed heartiest greetings of the Children’s Day on behalf of Mrs. Ani Yepthomi, Director LFI who was unable to attend the programme owing to her ill-health.
The winners and participants of the 3rd Mega Art Festival, which was held on 3rd November 2019, were also felicitated on the occasion by the Chairman with prizes and Certificates which also included a Memento and Certificate for the ‘School with the Highest Participation’.
The brief but colourful programme came to a close with the School Song which was led by Mr. Norbert Kamei.
In continuation of the Children’s Day Celebration, the Senior School students conducted special Pot-Luck sessions in individual classes along with their mentors. In the Junior High, various games including Carrom, Futsal, Cricket and Chess were organized by the mentors for the students.