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Continuing its mission of Community Service towards the personnel of Dimapur Traffic Police since 2017, this year too, the Management, Staff and Students of Livingstone Foundation International took part in a civic activity of presenting hampers and snacks to the Traffic Personnel on duty in both Dimapur Traffic Zone-1 and Zone-2 on 14th June 2019. The activity was mainly undertaken to express profound gratitude towards the Traffic Personnel who sacrifice their peace and comfort even in the sweltering heat and humidity of the summers to maintain a smooth flow of traffic and to provide a better service to the commuters of Dimapur even in the midst of stressful job conditions.
The students and staff of LFHSS were divided into two teams for both Zone-I (Dimapur City Area) and Zone-II (East Dimapur & Chumukedima Area) who distributed the gift hampers and snacks to the Traffic Personnel manning around 15 Traffic Points in Zone-I and around 5 Traffic Points in Zone-II where they had interactions with more than 100 Traffic Policemen on duty. This year the students were also accompanied by the contestants of Face of Nagaland from LFI along with 4 NCC Cadets.
During the Community Service, the students also interacted with the Officer In-Charge (OC) of Dimapur Traffic Police, Zone-I. The officials were also presented with specially made framed memorabilia as a token of gratitude and affection from the Management, Staff and Students of LFI.
According to the Officer In-Charge (OC) of Dimapur Traffic Police, Zone-I, despite the hard work and dedication of the Traffic Personnel on duty, they did not get much cooperation from the general public as many of them just drive their vehicles without being least concerned about the Traffic Rules and Regulations. He expected a positive and constructive cooperation from the public for a streamlined Traffic System. He also advised the students to be more aware about the Traffic Rules and to follow them diligently.
All together, 54 Student Leaders from both the Junior High as well as the Senior School participated in the event. The students of Team-1 were accompanied by Mr. Karan Ghebring, Ms. Helistoli and Mr. Uto Chishi while the students of Team-2 were accompanied by Mr. Mr. Sanjeev Momin,  Ms. Holino and Mr. Tiras Mongzar.