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On the occasion of World Labour Day on 1st of May 2019, the IAYP Members of Livingstone Foundation Hr. Sec. School including 15 students and several mentors organized a programme at the school auditorium to show appreciation towards the 4th grade staff members of the school.
The programme, which began at 1:00 PM was led by Miss Imsurenla as the MC while Mrs. Pratikshya Basnet invoked God’s presence upon the gathering. Some of the IAYP student members also spoke in appreciation of the 4th grade staff. Miss Arti Sharma had a special message for the audience. She remarked that right from the beginning of each day till the end, the working staff does everything they can to show their care and love towards the students. Miss Washirenla expanded her views on the same and showered her appreciation towards the staff members on behalf of the students.
Mr. Vernon Fernandez, Asst. Coordinator spoke on behalf of the teaching staff. He stated that everything works smoothly in the school because of the hard work and dedication of the 4th grade staff. He went on to say that the school loves them for their hard labor and for putting their heart and soul into their daily works and therefore they are always appreciated.
During the programme which was attended by students of the Junior High, the kitchen staff, the house-keeping staff, the security staff, drivers, peons, groundsmen and maintenance staff were appreciated by gifting them with tokens of gratitude for what they do an a daily basis. The Stonites appreciated them for being an integral cog wheels in the smooth running of the school machinery.
The programme came to a close with the vote of thanks proposed by Miss Kajenkala, IAYP mentor. Light refreshment was provided at the end of the programme and a group photograph was also taken to commemorate the occasion.