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Paving a way for a deviant learning experience for the students, the Life Skills Mentor of Livingstone Foundation Hr. Sec. School, Ms. Vanthunglo Murry took out 33 students of Grade-XI Arts for a Fun & Learning Retreat to Aiko Greens at Purana Bazaar, Dimapur. She was accompanied by the Career Counselor of the school, Mr. Swapnanil Talukdar and PGT from History Department, Mr. Loli Heni.
It was a new learning experience filled with fun and activities. The students and mentors enjoyed a new and peaceful atmosphere. The team left for Aiko Greens at 10:20 AM. Upon reaching the venue, the students were divided into groups and the retreat was undertaken in two separate sessions.
The first session was led by Ms. Vanthunglo and mainly focused on how to work as a team and to inculcate the value of trusting one another which would in turn help to achieve their goals in life. The session also included developing listening skills and some exercises aimed at developing concentration and how to pay attention. At the end of the session, the best group was rewarded with a surprise gift.
The second session was led by Mr. Swapnanil and it was intended to bring out the quality in students of presenting themselves to people. Through various activities the students were made to learn how people see them and also what they in turn can give to the people around them.
The team returned to the school at around 1:00 PM after a wholesome and new experience which left them energized, rejuvenated and enlightened about values in an entirely different way.