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An Earthquake Mock Drill was conducted on 14th February 2018 in both the Junior as well as Senior Schools during the class hours. The Mock Drill at the Junior High was done during the 2nd Period while at the Senior School, it was conducted during the 5th Period.

A warning bell was rung before the drill began. As soon as the bell was rung, the students along with the teachers evacuated their respective classes and ran out in an orderly manner towards the designated spots as directed by the teachers and coordinators. Before the drill began, the students were properly given instructions as to what they should and should not do as soon as the emergency bell was rung. They were instructed that they should not panic and there should not be any screaming and shouting. Also there should not be any pushing and shoving while evacuating the school buildings. They were also told to stand near a pillar in case they are not able to evacuate due to some or the other reason.

On the whole, the Earthquake drill was a fruitful exercise where all the students and teachers took part enthusiastically and in record time evacuated to safer places. The designated safe zones for the junior and senior sections were the small field near the Bus Parking and the Senior School Basketball Court respectively. After the drill was over the students were sent off to their respective classes in an orderly manner to resume the day’s classes.
The Mock Drill was conducted under the supervision of Mr. Zakir Hussain, Coordinator at the Senior School and under Mr. Vernon Fernandez, Asst. Coordinator at the Junior High assisted by the teachers.