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The Dimapur Sumi Students’ Union (DSSU) held its Biennial Freshers’ Meet cum Felicitation Programme 2018 at IMC Hall, Dimapur on 27th September 2018 on the theme ‘Shaping Visions with the Chairman of Livingstone Foundation Hr. Sec. School, Dr. Andrew Ahoto and the Founding Director of Youth Net, Miss Hekani Jakhalu as the Guest Special Invitee and Theme Speaker respectively.
In his inspiring speech to the gathering, Dr. Ahoto exhorted the students not to be just takers but givers to the society. He cited the example of the Dead Sea which, he said only receives; while the river Galilee thrives with life “when both get fed from the same source – the river Jordan”. Saying that there is more in giving than in taking, he further exhorted the students to be always honest and hospitable in life – traits for which Nagas were, and are, well-known for.
On the occasion, the DSSU felicitated Dr. Ahoto on his achievement of being honoured with the prestigious title “The Education Icon of the Year 2018” by Education Today at the North Educators Summit and School Merit Awards Meet held at Harayana on September 8  for his contributions in the field of education.
The Theme Speaker, Ms. Hekani Jakhalu reminded the students to keep God as their foundation, or else everything will fail’. Speaking on the theme ‘Shaping vision’, she urged the students and the youths to take life very seriously ‘considering the tremendous competition in the job market today’. She lamented that the students, though they have a degree, were just not ready for the market; therefore, she urged the students to make use of the ‘internet age wisely.’
During the meet, the titles of Mr. & Ms. Freshers were bagged by Mr. Mughapu Assumi of United Colony SKK and Ms. Ilokali D. Zhimo of Patkai Christian College SKK respectively. All together 30 students from Livingstone Foundation Hr. Sec. School also took part in the programme.