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A Parents-Management Meeting was held on 11th and 13 of August 2018 at the LFHSS Chapel Hall. The meeting was specifically called to discuss key aspects of launching the Combined Integrated Program for IIT-JEE/ NEET/ AIMMS for the Science Students of Grade-XI and XII.
The meeting which was held across two days for Parents of Hostellers on 11th August 2018 and for Parents of Day-Scholars on 13th August 2018, was chaired by the Chairman of LFHSS, Mr. Andrew Ahoto. On both the days, the introduction and welcoming of parents to the meeting was done by the Chairman. He apprised the parents about the introduction of such a student friendly program like the Combined Integrated Program which would benefit the students to crack the most difficult career hurdles like the IIT-JEE, NEET or AIMMS entrance examinations.
Mr. Ahoto dwelt in length on the need and importance of such a Combined Integrated Program in Nagaland where the students aspire to join prestigious IITs and Medical Colleges in India but do not have a proper guidance and resources to build up their career in the right direction for securing the cut-off marks to gain entry in to such institutions. According to him this was a major path breaker in the area of career building for the Naga students as usually for cracking the JEE and NEET they spend lots of money to join expensive and extravagant Coaching Centre’s in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, etc. where they have to face lots of other issues including discrimination and security issues especially for girls besides unnecessary expenditures incurred while travelling to and from Nagaland.
Later the house was made open for discussions and feedback from the parents as to the modalities of launching the said Program on a full-time basis. The parents had in-depth interaction with the Management led by the Chairman on issues like the Program Fees, timings, bus services, breaks, etc. and whether the regular CBSE courses would be completed on time. The parents were also thankful to the Management for introducing such a helpful program for their children and hoped that it would greatly benefit them as currently parents have to spend exorbitant amount of money for paying the fees of Coaching Institutions within and outside Nagaland for training their children for cracking such Examinations. He also
The Chairman also informed the parents about all the plans and programs of the school management to carry out the program including the Fee Structure, Bus Services, availability of Meals at the School Mess, etc. He also thanked the parents for attending the meeting wholeheartedly and told them that very soon the school would send out Circulars on the said Program which will contain all the details of the same.
The meeting was also attended by the Coordinator of the Program Mr. Choudhary who also apprised the parents about the various benefits of the Combined Integrated Program for the Science students like quality and intensive guidance for cracking competitive examinations at the lowest cost possible and also raised the issue of safety of students who go for coaching to metro cities and the amount of mental stress on both the students as well as parents.