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A special Meeting with the Parents of Grade-XI Students was held at the Chapel Hall of Livingstone Foundation Hr. Sec. School on 26th June 2018. The Meeting was mainly conducted by the School Management led by the Chairman, Mr. Andrew Ahoto to sensitize the Parents of the newly admitted Grade-XI students about the School’s policies, programmes and regulations including the system of CBSE curriculum and academic structure. The Meeting which started at around 11:30 AM was attended by more than 100 parents of Grade-XI students.

The Meeting began with the invocation prayer which was led by Director Junior High, Mrs. Ani Yepthomi who expressed her gratefulness to the parents for attending the meeting despite the sweltering summer heat and for devoting their valuable time for the same. She also requested the parents to visit the school at least once a month to keep track of their children’s progress and upkeep in the school.

Presenting a few insights into the CBSE Academic Pattern, the Principal Academics, Mr. Prabhat Mandal thanked the parents for making it to the meeting in spite of their busy schedules. He highlighted how the school grew from a humble beginning in 1988 and how it made a successful transition from the NBSE to CBSE. According to him it was the constant energy and leadership of the Chairman, Mr. Andrew Ahoto and his lady wife, Mrs. Ani Yepthomi which has paid off and led to the rapid growth of the school. He opined that the advent of CBSE curriculum in the school has provided larger avenues for the students to succeed in the long run. According to him CBSE has the connotation of national as well as international acclaim which will give better opportunities to the students. He also gave a brief history and background of CBSE and exhorted the parents that they should feel really proud that they have admitted their children under such an esteemed board. Some of the areas on which he dwelt included the NCERT curriculum, grading system, CCA and CCE and conceptual learning under CBSE. He also urged the parents to attend the PTI which is held at least 4 times in an academic session.

Presenting his Key-Note Address, the Chairman, Mr. Andrew Ahoto expressed his satisfaction that the parents had attended the meeting as they truly cared about the betterment of their children and had great faith on the school. He stated that LFHSS was a class apart from other CBSE schools in the region as despite the lowest fee structure it was providing one of the best quality and holistic education to the students. Underscoring the importance of a concerted effort of the Management, Staff and Parents in the development of the students, he exclaimed that ‘it needs two hands to clap.’ He also made the parents aware of the immense role that co-curricular and extra-curricular activities have on the development of a child in the education set-up, he stated that LFHSS conducts more than 200 events and activities in a single academic session. According to him, in today’s world the students must have good insight and imagination and this very idea is inculcated in the students by the CBSE system of education. He also expressed that in most CBSE schools, the subject combinations are just an eye-wash whereas in LFHSS the students are given subject combination that will benefit them to compete in future levels of competition and assessment. He also remarked that LFHSS was the first school in Nagaland to start the concept of Homework and Doubt-Clearance Sessions. He advised the parents to open their eyes and change their mindset by counseling the students to develop not only their knowledge but also their skills. He also advised them not to listen to one side of the story by taking everything that their children spoke about the school and mentors for granted. In this regard he urged them to judge after looking at both sides of the coin before jumping to conclusions. He also divulged to the parents that very soon he was trying to bring about ALS for IAS aspirants and AAKASH Coaching Group for betterment of the students which will be providing better career prospects for the students of LFHSS at minimal costs and compared to the business-minded coaching centers in Dimapur.

The other highlights of the meeting included sensitizing the parents about the various rules and regulations of the School and Hostel by Mr. Zakir Hussain, Superintendent of LFHSS Hostel and Coordinator and also a brief highlight about the CBSE system of education by Mr. Shyamal Nag, Vice-Principal (Admin). Speaking on behalf of the Parents, Mr. Joseph Lemtur, President, Dimapur District Citizens’ Forum glorified the traditions of the school in bringing about the best in the students. Congratulating the School Management, he read out the news clipping about LFHSS being ranked as No.13 in India, No.1 in Nagaland and No.1 in Dimapur which according to him was one of the proudest things for Dimapur as well as for Nagaland. He also urged the School Management to contemplate on setting up a Degree Level College for the better prospect of students who wanted quality higher education for which they have to spend a lot of money to pursue such career prospects outside the State.

During the course of the Meeting which was led by Mr. Vernon Fernandez as the moderator, special snacks and cold drinks were provided to the parents as well as the members of the School Management.