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Junior High Students and Mentors celebrated the International Family Day along with the rest of the world on 15th May 2018 with a brief programme which was held at the Chapel Hall. The programme which began at 12:00 Noon was compered by Mr. Vernon Fernandez as the M.C.

The programme began with the Invocation Prayer and Welcome Address by Director Junior High, Mrs. Ani Yepthomi, who while welcoming everyone to the programme, emphasized on the importance of family and support of family members in each individual’s life. Earlier, Mrs Ani Yepthomi wished everyone a Happy Family Day and also thanked the teachers for their tireless efforts for making the programme a success.

In his brief exhortation, Mr. Prabhat Mandal, Principal (Academics) underscored the importance of a complete and joyous family life. He applauded the tremendous efforts of the Junior High Students and Mentors led by Mrs. Ani Yepthomi in bringing about learning through new endeavors like the celebrations of important occasions including the Family Day.

The programme was made indeed solemn with sharing of individual accounts about their own family by Ms. Jemsy Albi Maria of Grade-VIIIB, Ms. Tsuzolu Rhakho of Grade-VIIIA and Master Tashaddar Rahman of Grade-VIIIA. Another important highlight of the programme was the introduction of the School Captains of Junior High, Master Master Tashaddar Rahman of Grade-VIIIA (Boys’ Captain) and Ms. Tsuzolu Rhakho of Grade-VIIIA (Girls’ Captain) which was done by Mrs. Ani Yepthomi, Director Junior High.

The programme was attended by the Administrator, Mr. Arthur Edwards, Principal (Academics) Mr. Prabhat Mandal, Vice-Principal (Admin) Mr. Shyamal Nag and Coordinator Mr. Zakir Hussain apart from the mentors from Junior High. Later on the dignitaries were presented with special gift items by Director Junior High. The other highlights of the programme included ‘We are Family’ a special number by Grade-VIII students and a dance item by Grade-VIII girls. After the programme got over the students from Prep-I to Grade-XII were given special packet treats.

 The programme came to a close with the Vote of Thanks proposed by Mr. Karan Ghebring, Mentor of Junior High.